Blue highland cow needle minder, heilan coo needle keeper, cross stitch crochet accessories, needle keeper, cross stitch magnet


This adorable little highland cow minder is perfect to help stop you losing your sewing needle while you work.

I make my needle minders with 2 pieces, a large polymer clay front button and a small back one. Each one has a magnet on the underside. Simply attach the magnets at either side of your sewing and then rest your needle on the decorative top button when it’s not in use. No more surprise stabs in the hand (or anywhere else!!) from stray needles!

You can even attach your needle minder to the top of your sewing tin and rest your embroidery scissors on it too!

Made with neodymium magnets, these needle minders are not only pretty but strong too. They are made to last but few people can stop at one once they see how handy they are!

This design features a highland cow design on a pale blue button base that's a little under 2" wide. It's a perfect sewing aid for a huge range of projects!

Please note that this needle minder will be made to order and dispatched up to 4 weeks from payment. Slight shade differences may occur as all of my colours are hand mixed.